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Blaise Pascal was a scientist, mathematician, philosopher, and theologian.   In science, he essentially invented the hydraulic press, syringes, vacuums, and the barometer.  In mathematics, he made advances in probability theory, game theory, geometry, and foundational presuppositions to economics.     In philosophy and theology, Pascal had one work published after his death – Pensees (French for ‘thoughts’).  Pascal lived an anguishing and brief life of intense physical pain (likely stomach cancer and brain lesions/damage) and joy.  He died at age 39.

In my estimation, however, Pascal’s greatest contribution was in his philosophical and theological thoughts (Pensees).  Outside of the Bible, I have never read any other book with the same frequency, intensity, and joy.  Pascal had an uncanny ability to put his fingers squarely on the pulse with what ails man and his immediate culture.  In addition, he is utterly brilliant employing common sense arguments for the Christian faith and deconstruction of other false worldviews.  Pascal wrote in aphorisms: brief statements or paragraphs that were meant to provoke the reader to ponder and think further for themselves.

I write out of necessity and I do not pretend to have a completely original thought.  Blaise Pascal is the intellectual and existential inspiration for this blog.  Pascal was varied in his writing, musing, and thinking about his world.  The same breadth to which Pascal ventured in the Pensees will be mirrored here.  At times we will look at culture, philosophy, theology, politics, and economics.


Written by Michael Graham

September 29, 2009 at 6:10 pm

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