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Best Links of the Week

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Translation Goggles from Google… pretty crazy stuff

Scientists closer to Nuclear Fusion with ultra-high powered military lasers.

Does Nail Polish Cause Autism?

Obamanomics – It looks like the thesis is something like – “Obama Is Making You Poorer—But Who’s Getting Rich? Goldman Sachs, GE, Pfizer, the United Auto Workers.”  Congressman Ron Paul says, “Every libertarian and free-market conservative needs to read Obamanomics.” And Jonah Goldberg, columnist and bestselling author says, “Obamanomics is conservative muckraking at its best and an indispensable field guide to the Obama years.”

Church of Scientology takes aim at St. Pete Times.  Scientology is screwed up on several levels.

Stolen hand-written letters of Descartes found.  I am not a fan at all, nevertheless an interesting find.

Obamacare 2.0


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