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Best Links of the Week

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$500 BMW 318i from craigslist competes in a WRC sanctioned Rally America race and wins third against cars that cost $400,000+.  The story is incredible.  (HT:  Greg Willson)

Belgian Newspaper issues 3D edition.

The Vatican’s virtual panorama of the Sistene Chapel.  (HT:  Greg Willson)

Article on the New Calvinism with a look at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

Excellent NY Times article that actually explains the realities of day trading.

Justin Taylor has some nice directions on how to view all the key sites of Holy Week on Google Earth.

Not sure if this is Dispensationalism gone wild or what, but nine people were arrested in Michigan for plotting to kill the antichrist and overthrow the U.S. government.

Penguin Books put out this excellent video on the “Future of Publishing”


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