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On the “Massive Cheating Scandal at UCF”

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There is a “Massive Cheating Scandal at UCF business school.”  There are several noteworthy pieces to this story that merit further examination.

I know cheating is rampant everywhere.   I am not surprised at this given how dysfunctional the business community is at present.  The post-modern-pragmatists just don’t care because there is no transcendence to their worldview and hence no morality.  This is also a function of the denial of the Christian meta-narrative at the university.  You can blame the students who are culpable in and of themselves but you can also blame the university for their tacit reject of the one framework that makes sense of why there is any scandal at all.  There would never need to be courses on business ethics, or bioethics, or engineering ethics, or law ethics, or educational ethics if all truths where put into subjection of Christ.   These courses exist because there is no “UNI” left in the university… all that is left is “DIversity.”  If all is fractured and nothing is coherent, then where is the “scandal” in this story.  The snake eats its own tail.

Unity and diversity only truly exist in the Trinity.  Without the unity and diversity of the Godhead, unity and diversity make no sense.   At best Universities have become de facto trade schools where students learn one narrow subject focus.  Each different department or faculty teach diametrically opposite worldviews to each of the other departments/faculties.  Sometimes even within single departments there isn’t even a single worldview expressed.  Our universities aren’t even all that good at producing employable persons.

It also boggles my mind when people are shocked at the fallenness of humanity.  People are going to cheat because they are sinful.  Babies don’t have to be taught how to manipulate their parents.  Children don’t have to be taught how to not share or play well with others.  We are selfish and we will do whatever we wish whenever we wish.  If we can save three hours of study time so we can go get drunk and be stupid… many will.  Does this professor really think that humans are good natured.  I don’t know how you can look at the business community, history, your own children, or even yourself and conclude anything besides human depravity.  People don’t play fair – they lie, they cheat, and they steal to advance themselves at the detriment of others.  Yes, there is the common grace of the natural law and the civil law and the University rules that restrains such sin… but left to their own vices and the Adamic nature, chaos reigns.


Written by Michael Graham

November 10, 2010 at 5:29 pm

5 Responses

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  1. You’re on point with your critique here… I am always dumbfounded how people try to bow to the throne of ethics and morals, without first answering the question: whose morals? Without a Christian worldview there is no good answer for that… It’s a shame really – simple moral apologetic for the existence of God consistently overlooked.


    November 10, 2010 at 5:55 pm

  2. You are so right, though it pains me to agree. We live in the age of ponzi schemes, steroids, corrupt government, etc. etc. Sometimes it seems that greed has become a religion unto itself. Keep writing for we need writers like you with a conscience.

    Excuse My Logic

    November 10, 2010 at 6:44 pm

  3. […] web site, Modern Pensees, takes a very tough stand on society as a whole considered in the light of the cheating scandal at […]

  4. Commenting from another angle

    Either professors have too much faith as humanists, they are lazy, or both.

    Both in undergraduate and graduate engineering we (i.e. the collective students) had sometimes as much as a decade of tests. Not to cheat, but to provide more problems that expounded on the professors mindset. All the textbook homeworks in the world don’t help if the professor asks his questions from a completely different angle.

    I once had a professor give the same test two years in a row. Not the same questions with different numbers, but the EXACT SAME test. This must be laziness, and/or overwork from pursuing grant funding.

    Professors would do well to acknowledge the fallen nature of man, and create tests accordingly. The most intelligent professor I ever had in this respect conducted all of his tests from a public, universally distributed test bank. As long as one studied and learned all the test bank questions, one would do well on the test. Since the test bank was publicly distributed, all students were on a level playing field. Also, one mastered problems on a far greater swath of questions in the process of working through the test bank than could ever be placed on the course’s exams. For a class with analytic answers, this is a win-win way to create and administer tests.

    Phil G

    November 11, 2010 at 1:16 pm

  5. […] on here about the affects of removing the Christian worldview on higher education (see post on UCF scandal).   The point is that our Universities have become trade schools.  Further, these trade schools […]

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