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Beyaz, “Beyond Birth Control”

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When one actually watches carefully the imagery of this commercial, it is probably one of the most evil things on television.

I first saw this commercial a few months ago, but perhaps only after 6 or 7 times did I actually pay attention to how it was trying to market.  The tagline of Bayer’s birth control product Beyaz is “Beyond Birth Control.”  It seems that the idea is that this little pill purchases for you the opportunity cost of your reproductive looseness.  In other words, Beyaz allows you to go to grad school, have a significant other(s), take a picnic by a waterfall, vacation in Paris, or the penultimate – home ownership.  With disturbing vacuity and opacity the drug makes deceptive promises of life fulfillment through blocking new life.  The implicit message is that pregnancy/motherhood will take away your happiness, joy, dreams, and idols.

I don’t come down very hard on birth control like some do within evangelicalism.  The matter is complex and nuanced and I think a lot of arguments on both sides are a bit over-simplistic.  However, a good friend of ours has a saying that I think has a lot of merit, “my womb is not my own.”  Our culture loves control and loves its idols.  I thought this was an interesting slice of our culture and I would wager that the ad is rather subversively effective for Bayer.


Written by Michael Graham

March 28, 2011 at 11:06 pm

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  1. I wondered if anyone else was repulsed by this wicked commercial. I have to change the channel everytime it comes on because it infuriates me so much. Children are a blessing and America is now reaping the consequences of such thinking that children keep one from life’s pleasures. Now our future as a nation is in jeopardy in many respects to the fact that 40 million young people were never born (and that’s just abortion numbers which don’t include birth control) to contribute their talents, skill and taxes toward the society. We are definitely reaping what we’ve sown…emptiness.
    Just glad someone else sees this ad in all that it’s trying to convey. thanks.


    March 29, 2011 at 5:47 pm

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