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Best Links of the Week

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Ireland is raiding private pension funds to help get out of their debt mess… scary stuff and should serve as a caution to those in the U.S.  And in somewhat related news…

PIMCO ups their ante against government debt

Fannie Mae asks for 8.5 billion from taxpayers

The AP makes an interesting case for releasing the Bin Laden photo(s)

Cell phones are potentially at the center of the mysterious decline in U.S. bee population

Fortified modern house

28% of U.S. homes are underwater

WSJ Article, “The Coming Postal Bailout

Treasury auctions will break U.S. debt ceiling

Prison rape in Iran

NASA Gravity probe confirms Einstein’s theories

Al Jazeera article on Pakistan PM’s addressing of the Bin Laden mess

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes (HT:  Lisi):

Pretty incredible frisbee trick shots:


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