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Best Links of the Week

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Logos is offering free Greek and Hebrew paradigm charts!  Oh, how I wish they would have released these 5 years ago.  It would have saved lots of tiny writing.

Apparently, Iran will have nuclear ICBM capabilities by 2015.  Not sure why we aren’t doing something about this…

Article from a libertarian writing about the Icelandic free state, who from 930-1262 had virtually no government and where the private market supplanted everything from executions to fire fighting.  (HT:  Phill Graham)

Lookout British friends… Nick Clegg is the new Obama

Article comparing the relative birthrates among secularists (~2.1 in the West) and religious fundamentalists (~5+).  Time and some basic Algebra 2 will tell you that religion isn’t going anywhere (for better and for worse).

Fascinating New Yorker article on the future of books… also an excellent summary of said article by Justin Taylor.

The World Bank released all of its data on World Development Indicators.

Matt Perman has a nice article on how not to motivate people in the workplace.


Thoughts on Economics and Investment, Part 1: Prolegomena

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So, the subtitle of this blog says: “Reconsidering theology, philosophy, culture, economics, and politics.” I figured it was time to address some economic matters. We are fast approaching 2010 and so I will write some (very much in-process) thoughts concerning the U.S. economy and globalization, as well as, challenge many entrenched investment maxims.

Initial Caveats

1. I am not an expert in economics, just an interested observer.

2. The content of these posts are not to constitute investment advice.

3. I make no money off of this site, am not paid to write here, and have no form of advertisement here.

4. Despite my leanings towards the Austrian School of Economics (see links below), I am not a libertarian. I am most closely a paleoconservative. I am sympathetic to the libertarians (in an era of silly neo-conservativism) as I feel they are some of the few who stick to any of the classical conservative ideologies.

Stated Goals

My hope is that these posts would:

1. Create substantive dialogue

2. Discuss sound economic principles

3. Insight some forward-thinking analysis

Suggested Initial Reading

Before going forward, I would strongly commend reading some of these summaries of the technical terms, various schools of economics, and notable figures:

Key Ideas to understand: Supply and Demand, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Invisible Hand, Globalization, Fiat Money, Central Banking, and Value Theory.

General Schools of Economic Thought

Austrian School of Economics

Primer on Austrian School of Economics

Notable figures in the Austrian school: Carl Menger, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Ludwig von Mises, and F. A. Hayek


Keynesian School of Economics

Up first is challenging the underlying assumptions of the buy and hold philosophy of investment.

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