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Best Links of the Week

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Ireland is raiding private pension funds to help get out of their debt mess… scary stuff and should serve as a caution to those in the U.S.  And in somewhat related news…

PIMCO ups their ante against government debt

Fannie Mae asks for 8.5 billion from taxpayers

The AP makes an interesting case for releasing the Bin Laden photo(s)

Cell phones are potentially at the center of the mysterious decline in U.S. bee population

Fortified modern house

28% of U.S. homes are underwater

WSJ Article, “The Coming Postal Bailout

Treasury auctions will break U.S. debt ceiling

Prison rape in Iran

NASA Gravity probe confirms Einstein’s theories

Al Jazeera article on Pakistan PM’s addressing of the Bin Laden mess

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes (HT:  Lisi):

Pretty incredible frisbee trick shots:


Best Links of the Week

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Some cogent thoughts on church planting by Ed Stetzer (see video above)

Tim Tebow Documentary coming out soon:  Trailer Here

Excellent piece in Vanity Fair by Michael Lewis entitled, “Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds

WSJ article on Obama pushing for a tax cut and a tax hike?

Further Seems Forever reuniting with Chris Carabba.  I am hope that the new music is substantive and layered.

HDR video using two Canon 5D Mark ii‘s

Very-well written piece utterly dissecting Lady Gaga (and by corollary the generation that has made her famous) in an article entitled, “Lady Gaga and the Death of Sex.”

Interesting debate in Israel over daylight savings time and theology.

Tennessee Volunteer football coach has to coach up players on how to take a shower properly after a series of staph infections amongst players.

Popular Science gallery on 30 Awesome College Labs (classes).

Stanford creating seriously peer-reviewed rival to Wikipedia.

Infographic on who is in the blogosphere. (HT: Challies)

How to block abusive or unfriendly email on Gmail

Fidel Castro reportedly saying publicly that Cuban model of government and economics does not work… then states he misspoke and meant to say “capitalism doesn’t work.”

Really strange soccer goal (HT: Uri)

Why the Chinese economy is expanding – efficient production.  Note – the video has not been sped up

Best Links of the Week

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Who bails out the bail outers:  The Sawyer-esque long con of the ever-so-Keynesian Obama administration amounts to a Ponzi Scheme, Barack Hussein Obubble.

Lifehacker explains how to use Facebook’s new privacy policies.

Apparently, those who make less than $13,000 a year spend an average of 9% of their annual income on lottery tickets.

I am not sure why this isn’t major news but a few weeks back North Korea sunk a South Korean ship and U.S. Intelligence has confirmed that Kim Jong Il gave the green light for the attack.  This is one more reason why proactive measures should be taken against Iran.  South Korea is stuck because Kim Jong Il is crazy and he may have the bomb.

Unfortunately, “dialogue” and hype only go so far, Syrian President Bashar Assad criticizes Obama administration, saying “Obama has failed in Peace Efforts and Lost Influence in Mideast.”  Ouch.

NY Times OP-ed mocking the ridiculous spelling of baby names in today’s world.  What is the worst you’ve seen?

Two Iranian Christian women finally released from prison.

Nonsense with the 2010 Census.

Scientist infects self with computer virus.

Apparently Hurley auditioned for the role of Sawyer and Ben Linus auditioned for the role of Hurely.  Video below.  Weird.

Best Links of the Week

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Logos is offering free Greek and Hebrew paradigm charts!  Oh, how I wish they would have released these 5 years ago.  It would have saved lots of tiny writing.

Apparently, Iran will have nuclear ICBM capabilities by 2015.  Not sure why we aren’t doing something about this…

Article from a libertarian writing about the Icelandic free state, who from 930-1262 had virtually no government and where the private market supplanted everything from executions to fire fighting.  (HT:  Phill Graham)

Lookout British friends… Nick Clegg is the new Obama

Article comparing the relative birthrates among secularists (~2.1 in the West) and religious fundamentalists (~5+).  Time and some basic Algebra 2 will tell you that religion isn’t going anywhere (for better and for worse).

Fascinating New Yorker article on the future of books… also an excellent summary of said article by Justin Taylor.

The World Bank released all of its data on World Development Indicators.

Matt Perman has a nice article on how not to motivate people in the workplace.

Best Links of the Week

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Jonsi Birgisson of Sigur Ros just came out with an excellent album, you can listen to the whole thing here.  (HT:  Andrew Lisi)

Doug Wilson has seven nice points on writing.

Apparently 47% of US households paid zero income tax in 2009.

Get ready for your house to depreciate some more (and inflation)… mortgage interest rates starting to rise (and the government handouts are soon to be over).

Police Car No Place For a Beer,” the mugshot is priceless on this one.  The details of the report on page three are also priceless.  Stay classy.

Written by Michael Graham

April 8, 2010 at 10:15 am

The “Blatant Chicanery” of Obama’s Executive Order

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Andy McCarthy has an important piece over at the National Review explaining why President Obama’s Executive Order amounts to ‘blatant chicanery.’

Fact:  Congress enacts legislation.

Fact:  Executive orders can be rescinded at any time.

Fact:  Executive orders cannot be used to strike provisions in a bill enacted by the Legislative Branch.

I am well aware that God is sovereign over all of these matters.  However, this is no cause for political fatalism or lack of activism.  This healthcare bill could very well slowly bankrupt our nation.

Also, Planned Parenthood is pretty happy about the new bill, here is their response.

The Scam of Obamanomics

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I remember during my time in undergrad at University of Florida several interactions with the staunch political left.  I was there during the 2000 election and for the primaries and for some of the buildup to the 2004 election.  I recall one of the main critiques of the those staunch left was the relationship of the Republican party with “big business.”   They would cite ties with oil and such.  Those ties definitely existed within the Bush administration.  The Bush family is from Texas and has roots in oil.  VP Dick Cheney was the former CEO of Halliburton.  Their critiques would not bother me if it were not for par for the course for the left and right alike.

Here is one of the many scams of Obamanomics…

The big banks made a boatload of money this past year.  One of the big ways they did it was through a genius little scam the Obama administration (and the quasi-independent Federal Reserve) has setup for them.  Its pretty simple.  The Fed has the interest rate that banks can borrow (almost limitlessly) at zero percent interest.  These same banks then with that zero percent loan money but up US Treasury Bills (whose interest rates vary from relatively small to 4.5%+ for the 30 year variety).  The banks get rich, Obama gets some financial donors, and the American taxpayer gets screwed.  In effect, the American taxpayer is subsidizing the big banks.  I am all for capitalism.  I am not for subsidizing these banks through this scam.  Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, and the supposed chief architect of our financial recovery, has taken the opportunity to make sure Goldman Sachs gets very wealthy and that his former competitors get less-than-favorable deals with the federal government.  Unimaginable greed drives these scammy deals.  The accumulation of wealth is not intrinsically evil, but the means of accumulating that wealth should have at least some level of integrity and morality.

I think Timothy Carney’s book entitled Obamanomics:  How Barack Obama is Bankrupting You and Enriching His Wall Street Friends, likely has some similar themes.

Written by Michael Graham

March 15, 2010 at 12:38 pm

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