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Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad Redux

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Tim Tebow Superbowl Redux

Here is an excellent article from a pro-choice journalist providing some fresh air to the whole Superbowl commercial debate.  The article argues persuasively that Tim Tebow is good for women and not the other way around.

On a sidenote, I have never understood why liberals are big government on everything except abortion.  For whatever reason, they appeal to small government and personal liberty when it comes to this issue.  I suppose logical consistency can be sacrificed for rationalizing sin.


Two Excellent Articles on Abortion

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Life is Precious

1.  Why Pro-Life Presidents Matter (First Things):  what influence does the President have on abortion beyond Supreme Court appointments…

2.  Overturning and Undermining Roe v. Wade: An Interview with Clarke Forsythe:  If you think overturning Roe v. Wade will make abortion illegal in the U.S., you are wrong.  It would still be legal in 43 states.  Please read this as it is one of the most even-handed, cogent, clear, and concise explanations of what the pro-life game plan should be.  Strategic and tactical.

To any of my pro-choice friends, I would challenge you to search Google Images for “abortion,” (WARNING: extremely graphic – I nearly vomitted and am not trying to be sadistic here).  Detachment is dangerous:  Out of sight… out of mind…


Here are two more articles from Kevin DeYoung, one on Fetal Homicide Laws and one on Ultra-Sound Machines.

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