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Best Links of the Week

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Stanley Hauerwas article, “America’s god is Dead

Minority Report is not far away… iris scanners coming soon.

Truly excellent Harvard Business Commencement speech.

Pencil Tip Micro-Sculptures.  (HT:  Jutty)

Matt Perman has some good quotes from Jim Collins:  “The Difference Between Working Hard and Workaholism” and “The 5 Basic Conditions People Need in Order to Execute Well

Crazy themed hotel.

NYT article on the end era of the middle-class using their homes as retirement accounts and ATMs is over.

100 kilometer long traffic jam enters 10th day on the roads into Beijing.

Canon’s 120 megapixel sensor.

Wilhelmus a Brakel’s The Christian’s Reasonable Service 4 vols. available for free in pdf form.  Some have said that this is one of the best if not the best Systematic Theology in print.

North Carolina Krispy Kreme owner accidentally gives away $5000 bank deposit hidden in Krispy Kreme box.

One of the most amazing baseball catches of all-time:

Best Links of the Week

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Eric Metaxas has a great longer piece that is really worthwhile entitled,  Cultural Elites:  The Next Unreached People Group.  I am curious for some of you who have reach Culture Making and To Change the World, how you might respond to Metaxas.

The Eight Kinds of Friendship

Excellent Photos from Iraq

In a very sad story, a priest in Moldova drowned a baby during an infant baptism.

Book Art

Solid interview with Robert Duvall from Christianity Today.  Duvall has some good insight; he remarks that Hollywood does not merely have disdain for Christians, its’ main disdain is for the heartland of America.  Interesting thought.

Michael Bell analyzes recent pew forum study along with a helpful info-graphic.  (HT:  Kevin DeYoung)

Nine old Nintendo Games that can be played straight from the internet with no download required.

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